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2.4 GHz RC Mario Kart Car with Sound: Yoshi

Item Number: CAR162108X


2,4GHz Mario Kart, Yoshi - Race Kart with Sound, Remote Control vehicle with full function technology for beginners.

Remote-controlled off-road vehicle with Nintendo license On-road Dynamic figure Movement: Yoshi lies down in the respective direction of travel.
Scale: 1:16
6+ years

From jump 'n' run to the racetrack
For years, the video game character Yoshi has been racing across the various tracks of the racing classic Mario Kart. In his sleek race kart, he drives the dangerous tracks and delivers daring overtaking manoeuvres and spectacular races with Mario, Luigi and Co.

Dualize with your friends
You want to show your friends what Yoshi can do at the wheel and prove yourself against their RC vehicles? With the interference-free 2.4 GHz technology, this is no problem at all! Yoshi can duel with his friends, because up to 16 vehicles can be driven simultaneously. The RC car measures about 35 cm and heats up its opponents with a top speed of up to 20 km / h. When driving, Yoshi even lies down in the respective direction of travel.

The original Nintendo license makes the remote-controlled vehicle look great in 1:16 scale. In addition, the car inspires with cool sound functions, which can be switched on or off by the controller. The race kart offers up to 40 minutes of driving fun and then needs to be charged for about 80 minutes. Included is everything you need to get to the starting line with Yoshi, Controller, vehicle, battery - everything is there.

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