Tales from the Magicians Skull #9 - Hobby Rising
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Tales from the Magicians Skull #9

Item Number: GMG4508


"The Skull sayeth: Jones the Managing Editor informs me that this is the first regular issue with more than fifty percent of its contents supplied from our open submissions period during the 2021 year. Yet more treasures were discovered during that time period, marvels which I will one day share with you, so long as you send me the praise I am due and spread word of my glorious magazine!"

It’s the newest issue of Goodman Games sword-and-sorcery fiction anthology series!
Featuring an all-new story starring Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser - Pawn’s Gambit, by Nathan Long. Includes stories by Enge, Lindberg, Teng, Ritzlin, and others.

Cover art by fantasy legend Sanjulian.
Seven new sword-and-sorcery stories from some of the top talent in the industry.

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