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Tales from the Magicians Skull #7

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A gong shivers... the mists part to reveal a grisly visage lying upon a mound of rubble, dead but for one glowing, malefic eye... It speaks, in a voice of cold command: Silence, mortal dogs! It is time now for Tales From The Magician’s Skull #7!

Praise me, Mortal Dogs, for once again I bring tales to terrify and delight in equal measure! Oh, great was my pleasure when these stories were presented to me, and I only wish I might witness your first reading of the wonders herein. Doubtless you shall spring forth to cavort in glee and windmill your arms in reckless abandon!

Once you understand the splendors I have delivered unto you, neglect not to venture into the Facegram and Instatweet and Blood reads to tell others of my magnificence!

Last, but not least, it has come to my attention that some of you continue in your misapprehension that water chestnuts are food. I have not yet learned the sinister secret behind their manufacture, or the goal of those who hide them amongst flavorful meals that otherwise lack the texture of Styrofoam, but I pledge to unravel the mystery and visit my wrath upon all those involved!

Tales From The Magician’s Skull is a magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction. Issue #7 features cover art by legendary fantasy artist Sanjulian.

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