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Starship Interstellar

Item Number: PNG921EN


A futuristic technology allowed to extract unimaginable amounts of resources from the Sun, but that abruptly accelerated its impending death. Each player takes the role of a powerful corporation, and all of them are "cooperating" to save humanity from the disaster they themselves caused: they have to build the Starship Interstellar, hibernate in it the more people they can, and find a route to an inhabitable planet. But these are not easy tasks, and everyone wants to be the first and the best to accomplish them. Exploiting the Sun just a little bit more to outcompete the other corporations is quite a tempting option, even though that will further accelerate the Sun going nova...

Ages 13+
1-4 players
150 minutes play time

247 tokens in 6 punchboards
2 game boards
5 starship boards
4 explorers board
4 players board
4 player boxes
293 small acrylic cubes
70 big acrylic cubes
60 acrylic meeples
168 plastic miniatures
1 cloth bag
2 rules booklet

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