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Old-School Essentials: Tangled : 0 - Level

Item Number: EFPZ0051


Take up the torches and turn back the Tangle!

Like viscera from a corpse, a carnivorous tangle of vines and bramble has spilled forth from an ancient fortress, swallowing up the countryside. Today, it reaches the outskirts of Peatstead. Your home. With promises of gold and glory swirling through your head, you’ll accompany a small army of commoners to put an end to its deadly expansion. Discover ancient treasures, fend off brutal monsters, avoid devastating traps, and encounter the wrath of nature itself in Tangled; a level-0 funnel for Old School Essentials by the Afterthought Committee, the creators of Zed & Two Noughts!

This adventure can be run in 2-4 hours and includes everything you need to pick up and play in minutes.

Rules for creating and running a level-0 party in Old School Essentials
Pixel illustrations by Postmodern Ouroboros & Luis Melo
A deadly one-shot inspired by the horrors of nature
Form-fillable character sheets & a level-0 PC generator for OSE

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