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Circle of Colors - Poke Bowl 500 Piece Puzzle

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Circle of Colors - Poke Bowl
500 Piece Round Jigsaw Puzzle
20" dia. Finished Size

Nourish your body and brain with our "Poke Bowl" puzzle, worked in the round!

Whether you prefer the vegan version with zoodles or the traditional Hawaiian style with rice and marinated fish, the Poke Bowl (pronounced ‘poh-KAY’) is packed with nutritious foods! With its origins deeply rooted in Asian cuisine, ‘poke’ means to cut into pieces, referring to some of the ingredients being sliced or cubed. Puzzle our illustrated recipe with a rainbow of foods like edamame, sprouts, lime, peas, melons, carrots, cabbage, figs and more - good for your body and brain!

Puzzle Categories: 500 Piece Round Puzzle Food

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