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Wordsmith's Bookshop 1500 Piece Puzzle

Item Number: RVB12000728


Wordsmith's Bookshop
1500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Puzzle size: 31.5 x 23.5 in.

A busy and colourful view of an interesting bookshop

The doors of Wordsmith's Bookshop are open - will you be tempted to go inside? If you love books, reading, writers and everything literary, then you're sure to find something of interest in their intriguing puzzle! A fab gift idea or pastime for anyone interested in books, writing, playwrights and the magic of the written word.

Challenge yourself with a 1500+ piece puzzle from Ravensburger!
With a wide range of images and designs to choose from, including favorite characters, adorable animals, fantasy images, landscapes, monuments, and more, we’ve got the perfect puzzle for every puzzler.

Puzzle Categories: 1500 Piece, Nostalgia, Vintage, Shop

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