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Photo Constructor Set - Model S (20" x 20")

Item Number: UTG5011001


MOZABRICK is a Photo Constructor Set to assemble a mosaic picture based on a photo.


Buy a Construction Set
Visit mozabrick.com, insert a 6-digit code, upload and customize your image
Receive the assembly diagram to your email address
Start building! It is fun for the whole family or with friends!


MODEL S set includes:

5800 bricks in 5 monochrome colors
4 base plates to assemble the pixel art
9 baseplate connectors
1 mounting tool
1 mount for the finished picture
Instruction brochure
CODE for unlimited mosaic picture generation


Recommended for age 14+
Assembly time: approximately 12 hours
Brick colors: white, light gray, gray, dark gray, and black
Construction bricks are made of plastic
The finished picture size is 20x20 in (51?51 cm)

The code can be linked to up to 5 email addresses and can be used unlimited times to regenerate your pixel art - regardless if you are using a new or already used picture.
You can disassemble your mosaic art and create a new one using the same bricks and a brand new assembly diagram.

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