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Palladium Fantasy RPG (2 ed.)

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Palladium Fantasy RPG

The second edition features:
The addition of the s.d.c. system along with hit points.
An emphasis on characters and role-playing. More world information and history.
Clearer rules and information.
More skills (and less clumsy charts).
More equipment and world information.
New cover and new, great artwork by Siembieda, Martin, Post, and Mckenna.
The same great occupational character classes and racial character classes like the long bowman, paladin, diabolist, mind mage, assassin, changeling, wolfen, ogre, elf, faerie folk, and others. Plus a few new ones.
The same great magic system but modified to the p.p.e. system. The same great psionics powers and i.s.p. system. The same quick playing combat and balanced game system.

Over 20 character classes plus a dozen different player races (like the wolfen, changeling, elf, etc.) Wizard o.c.c. with over 300 spells. Diabolist o.c.c. with 60 wards and 50 magic circles. Rune weapons, magic items, curses and more.
A unique world of heroic adventure and magic.

And for long-time fans, the changes, although significant, will not make the old edition RPG and sourcebooks completely obsolete. With a little modification, the new and old material can be made completely compatible! No stupid changes, we promise. Now suitable for use with rifts, heroes unlimited, and the entire megaverse. Fast playing combat, powerful magic, and loads of fun. Written and illustrated by Kevin Siembieda .

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