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Minu's Pond Dreams 500pc Puzzle

Item Number: RVB16944


Minu's Pond Daydreams
500 Piece Puzzle
Puzzle size: 19.3 x 14.2 in.

Open your eyes and heart to the wonders of nature in our "Minu’s Pond Daydreams" puzzle!

Kick a bubble and escape into Minu’s dreams of floating fish, friendly butterflies and fragrant flowers! With her flowing pink curls, Minu’s huge eyes are open to the surprising secrets and harmony of our planet in all its amazing patterns and colors. The artist’s vision encompasses positive energy, curiosity, passion, wonder, and respecting nature and all living creatures. Soothe your soul and bring quiet contentment to your day as you piece together a dreamscape scene of serenity!

Puzzle Categories: 500 Piece, Pond, Fish

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