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Heart Organ Plush

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Giant Microbes Heart plush

How much do I love thee? How about a million barrels worth and 2.5 billion heartbeats! Your heart is only about the size of your fist and 10 ounces, but it accomplishes quite a lot in your lifetime.

Get your heart pounding with our incredible plush Heart organ. The perfect way to say "I Love You!" Get pumped for this educational, medical get well soon gift. Perfect for post-surgery.

All About Heart

FACTS: The heart has long been considered the center of the body, the seat of life, will and emotion. Every culture in history has recognized its essential role in sustaining life. The Egyptians believed the heart to be the center of life and mortality. The ancient Greeks believed it held the soul and the source of body heat. Early Americans recognized the heart to be vital to life.

Weighing in at about 10 ounces, an adult heart is about the size of your fist and consists of four chambers: the right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, and left ventricle. Blood flows from the right atrium, to the right ventricle, and to the lungs to become oxygenated. Blood then re-enters the heart through the pulmonary veins to the left atrium, then the left ventricle pumps it through the aorta out to the body.

The human heart pumps blood at a rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels packed in your body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your organs and cells. That’s like traveling around the world twice. Your heart beats about 100,000 times in a day or 35 million times in a year, a lot of pumping for one lifetime. So the next time your Valentine asks how much you love them, you can tell them "A million barrels worth and 2.5 billion heartbeats".

DESCRIPTION The heart organ pumps blood throughout the body. It is the centerpiece of the circulatory system and provides the body with oxygen and nutrients while also removing carbon dioxide and any other wastes.

NAME Cardiomyocyte

ACTUAL SIZE A healthy heart is about the size of a large fist. The heart weighs about 10 to 12 ounces (280 to 340 grams) in men and 8 to 10 ounces (230 to 280 grams) in women.

SYSTEM Circulatory

FASCINATING FACTS During an average lifetime, the heart will pump 1.5 million barrels of blood. That’s enough to fill 200 train tank cars and more than 3 super tankers!

A kitchen faucet would have to be turned on all the way for 45 years to equal the amount of blood pumped by the heart in a lifetime!

Since the heart has its own electrical impulse, the heart can continue to beat outside of the body, as long as it has a steady supply of oxygen. Talk about creepy!

Just broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend? You might feel as though your heart is literally breaking and it turns out, you might be right! Broken heart syndrome, also known as stress cardiomyopathy, occurs when the body faces a severely stressful situation, like a bad break-up. This can feel like a heart attack - with symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, and a drop in blood pressure. But just like your aching for you ex will go away after a while, broken heart syndrome’s effects are only temporary.

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