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Front/Rear Gearbox Halves Revo

Item Number: TRA5391R


This is the Center Gear Box (Transmisssion) (Front & Rear halves) for the REVO from Traxxas.

FEATURES: Durable black nylon construction

INCLUDES: One center gear box consisting of a front and rear half
One rubber cover for the adjustment holes

REQUIRES: 5396 Fwd/Rev Primary Gears
TRA5144 5144 Screw Pin 2.5X18mm
TRA5116 5116 Ball Bearings (need 3 sets)
TRA5117 5117 Ball Bearings (need 2 sets)
TRA5385 5385 Gear Set 2-Speed Standard Ratio
-or- TRA5384 5384 Gear Set 2-Speed Wide Ratio (option)
-or- TRA5383 5383 Gear Set 2-Speed Close Ratio (option)
TRA5119 5119 Ball Bearings
TRA5390 5390 Clutch Assembly Primary
TRA5393 5393 Shaft Primary
TRA5386 5386 Gear 1st Speed 43T
TRA5397 5397 Optidrive Sensor Assembly
TRA2578 2578 Button Head Screw 3X12mm
TRA6745 2745 Nylon Lock Nut 3mm
TRA5368 5368 Linkage Set
TRA5392 5392 Shift Linkage
TRA6388 5388 Brake Cam/Sleeve
TRAC2552 2552 Screw Countersink 3X12mm
TRAC5377 5377 Idler Gear/Sup/Bearing
TRAC5366 5366 Trans Input Shaft
TRAC4978 4978 Button Head Screw 3X21mm
TRAC5365 5365 Brake Pad Set
TRAC5364 5364 Steel Brake Disc
-or- TRAC5360 5364X Brake Disc Hi Performance (option)
TRAC3982 3982 Washer 6X8X5mm
TRAC5395 5395 Forward/Reverse Output Gears
TRAC5121 5121 Bearing Needle Roller
TRAC5120 5120 Ball Bearings
5389 Shift Fork/Shaft/Seal
TRAC5351 5351 Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub
TRAG2554 2554 Back Plate Screws
TRAC3954 3954 Spur Gear 1.0P 38T
-or- TRAC3953 3953 Spur Gear 1.0P 36T (option)
-or- TRAC3955 3955 Spur Gear 1.0P 40T (option)

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