DCC: The Towers of Dr. Xill - Hobby Rising
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DCC: The Towers of Dr. Xill

Item Number: S9G10022


A level 2 RPG adventure built for DCC RPG or MCC RPG.

Dr. Xillgasor Xillgracone (aka Dr. Xill) was a genius and madman who experimented with the natural order of life on himself and others. Using super-science devices infused with the raw power of fire and ice, he summoned and enslaved elemental creatures to merge with his human subjects.

However, an imbalance of thermal micro-elementals used to control his labs tilted toward the polar side, and slowly his menagerie was encased in ice—freezing Dr. Xill’s operations for millennia. Some say he miscalculated, others argue that his mind cracked and he took his own life, while still others insist his final act was precise and calculated—his plan yet to take effect. That is, until now…

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