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Clump-Foliage Autumn Mix (Lg)

Item Number: WOOFC186


Clump-Foliage models bushes, shrubs and other medium or high ground cover, including tree foliage.

Easy and quick to use.

Specially produced, clumped ground foam ideal for multiple uses.

Appropriately sized to be used as is to produce the most realistic look in large ground covers.

Pieces can be broken into smaller pieces
Attach to tree armatures of your choice to make natural looking trees

Formulated to blend with all other Woodland Scenic Landscape products

Different colors may be mixed for a more realistic look.

May be used to cover seams between buildings and terrain base.

Instructions for ground cover and trees printed on package.

Clump-Foliage Autumn Mix Large Bag - 173 in³ (2.83 dm³)

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