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Cards' Lair 400+ Black/ Orange

Item Number: GGS20086ML


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"The next BIG thing!" This is what many customers have been waiting for: a large premium box to perfectly fit standard-sized cards in sleeves. With the additional innovative features, this is all you need for your collection on a great gaming night.

Premium multifunctional card box with perfect width for standard-sized sleeved cards. No loose standard cards!

Designed to hold up to 400 double-sleeved or 540 board-game-sleeved cards*

Perfect for tournament players, a gaming night with a lot of cards or for games like Pokémon, Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror LCG, KeyForge®, or Terraforming Mars.

Ideal for the Magic: The Gathering format Cube Draft**

2 extra slots: one for sleeved oversized cards (such as Magic: The Gathering Commander and more) and one for life pads/writing pads

2 removable drawers for token, dice, sleeved cards or full decks
Drawers can hold 40 additional double-sleeved cards each (or 50 with board-game sleeves* each)

Revolutionary magnetic flaps guarantee effortless pulling-out of the drawers

Notched drawer compartments for easy access; right down to the last card

Top-level compartment for additional accessories, played cards, or usable as a mini dice tray

Product size
(W x D x H) 409 x 105 x 111 mm

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