Rock Tumbler Double Drum - Model A-R2 - Hobby Rising
Tru-Square Metal

Rock Tumbler Double Drum - Model A-R2

Item Number: THU115


Rock tumbling is a hobby the family can enjoy together. If you are truly interested in producing flawless gems through the tumbling process, this A-R2 Double Rock Tumbler is ideal.

FEATURES: Tumbling is a simple way to polish agates and other gem stones.
- Versatile two-barrel, 6 lb. capacity tumbler. - Ideal for small batches of single-type stones for jewelry making or for brass polishing.
- Uses two 3lb. capacity, long-life, molded rubber barrels.
- Heavy continuous duty, fan-cooled motor. Overload protected.

Electrically operated--not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

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