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1/100 Space Shuttle Orbiter Model Kit

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1/100 Space Shuttle Orbiter Model Kit

In 1972, NASA began building the Space Shuttle as a transport system joining Earth and Space. The Space Shuttle Orbiter is 37m long and has a 24m wingspan, at launch uses 2 detachable Rocket Boosters (with external fuel tanks), and when it has finished its mission in space, it re-enters the atmosphere where it glides like an airplane and lands. The size of crew may vary, but on most occasions a total of seven people including pilot, commander, and several mission specialists can be accommodated for a 4 week mission. In the payload area, satellites and experimental devices can be loaded for each mission. April 12 1981, was the first successful launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. This continued with other scheduled space shuttles flights such as Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis in the 1980's including Endeavor in 1992, but due to tragic events both space shuttles Challenger and Columbia were lost. Each space shuttle carries a space laboratory being able to carry out various experiments, also having the responsibility of transporting equipment, materials, and crew to the International Space Station.

?This is a 1/100 scale assembly kit model of a space shuttle orbiter. ?Length: 372.5mm, Width: 238mm. The space shuttle orbiter model has been made in cooperation with Rockwell International. ?The latest markings as well as the heat resistant tiles, and cockpit windows etc for space shuttles Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavor, have been accurately reproduced with marking decals. ?The flight deck interior, main engine, and underbody have a detailed finish. ?The payload cargo bay which has an open/closed type door, also has a removable space lab included. ?The payload doors interior has metallic parts for the radiators. ?The Rudder/Speed Brake moves the same way as the actual Space Shuttle Orbiter. Also, the main engines nozzle can change directions. ?Comes with a display stand allowing you to choose from a landing or flying state. ?Comes with 2 astronaut figurines which adds to the atmosphere of the diorama.

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